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    Ticktab.com: Online Hotel Booking

    Ticktab.comSenayan, Jakarta – Ticktab.com is the first real-time online hotel booking website of Indonesia. This premier hotel booking company offers great convenience, comfort and security to their online customers. Ticktab offers instant online confirmation to every customer. Coupled with young dedicated professionals and a vast experience in hospitality and information technology, Ticktab aspires to be the leading and the best global online travel agency. This online company located in Jakarta, aims to serve their customers with the widest range of hotels in Indonesia at an affordable price. Online assistance is available through their diligent customer service team. This service is available 24×7 and in two languages viz: English and Indonesian. Customers are rendered further assistance as the website offers smart access using latest mobile applications for a number of smart phones like Blackberry, iPhone, etc.

    Indonesia is every tourist’s delight and a must visit tourist attraction in Asia. Bali island is swarmed with tourists every season. There are many temples, beaches, amusement parks and monuments worth visiting in Bali. Since tourists come in large numbers here, Bali hotels offer luxurious accommodation as well as discounted hotel rooms. One can find facilities and amenities as per the grading of the hotel/suite. Anyone can book a room through the internet and enjoy the alluring sceneries and clean beaches of Bali. One needs to book earlier during the peak season, if they require the best rooms/suites facing the best part of the beach. Ticktab lists hotels that provide immaculate services and great furnishings. These hotels will make everyone feel that they are staying in a home away from home.

    Ticktab offers hotel accommodation in Jakarta. Jakarta is the largest city of Indonesia and is famous for its picturesque natural landscapes and ancient temples and shrines. It is often visited by leisure vacationers and business visitors. Most of the luxury hotel in Jakarta are known for their warm hospitality and impeccable service standards towards their guests. Equipped with modern spa and other modern amenities, these hotels will make sure that tourists have a ball of a time in Jakarta. For tourists who want to stay away from the hustle bustle of a city, there are budget Jakarta hotels that provide complete privacy and comfort. Such hotels feature standard facilities that ensure a pleasant stay. For more information on vacationing in Jakarta and Bali and to know more about current available discounts and deals, log in at www.ticktab.com.